What's different about
    A Hat for Harold?

  • Clients comprise councils and vote on each other's requests
  • Provides for unique needs not readily available elsewhere
  • Eligibility is based on participation and attendance
  • Accountability and responsibility are built into the process

Annual Reports


A founding principle of A Hat for Harold is that those struggling with homelessness need to be heard. Having an opportunity to express their individual most pressing needs and to have a voice regarding the distribution of funds are fundamental to the process.

Clients attend council meetings where they share their most immediate need with the group. Founded in 2012, A Hat for Harold operates a council in Jessup, Maryland and another in Henderson, Kentucky. The councils have a total of $300 each to distribute among those eligible at the meetings every other week. Peers vote on each request and for those authorized, the client is given a credit card which will be pre-loaded with the voted amount and restricted electronically to the appropriate type of purchase.

Using a credit card to make a purchase, after getting to select their own preference of brand, color, or style, is an empowering act in itself. The receipt and card are required to be returned at the next meeting.

Participating in the councils, listening to other people’s needs, and actively being part of the process to take care of their own need, provides opportunities for accountability and responsibility.

Donate today to be part of the process of restoring dignity to those who are so often overlooked.

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